Inspired by Sacred Geometry, this is a one of a kind art piece designed by Tony Hayes.


The "Life-Symbol" is available for the promotional price of $60.00 plus S&H.
It is approximately 
1 and 3/4 inches tall.
Part of the Proceeds go to Masterpeace Christian Center under the direction of
Dr. James R. Samuel.
For all inquiries please email:
or call 704 516 7328.
Life-Symbol and its image including Sculpture, Photo, Drawings and Jewelry Design are registered and protected under US Copyright Laws. All restrictions apply.
One year after reading a  book called Sacred Geometry, Tony Hayes dreamt of a statue; the parts of which moved kinetically on a vertical axis and looked like some sort of navigational instrument.
After sketching what he saw, Tony realized that the parts, when turned to the right, spelled God.
After many years, the unique piece is now available in sterling silver as an individually hand crafted kinetic art piece to be worn on a necklace.
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